2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule

The 2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule was released in January. Look for the schedule to get multiple makeovers in the upcoming months. Some opponents and dates will most likely be changed. If you’re looking for ticket information, go here.

The fourteen Southeastern Conference schools play twelve games this year and have one open date. Teams play eight conference games including six divisional games and two inter-divisional games with one rotating and one permanent opponent. And, all SEC schools play four out of conference games with at least one of these opponents coming from a Power Five conference.

2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule

Our Favorite Games on the 2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule Ranked

If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you can’t wait until the SEC football season starts. To wet your appetite a little, we’re ranking our top 10 out of conference SEC football games on the 2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule.

Drum roll, please! And now, the most intriguing SEC football matchups for 2021 are:

  1. LSU at UCLA – The Tigahs are geauxing West to meet the Bruins in the Rose Bowl. Can you believe this is the first meeting between these two great programs? Pasadena bound, baby!
  2. Alabama vs Miami – They’ve played seventeen times since meeting for the first time in 1941. The last time was in the 1993 Sugar Bowl when the Gene Stallings coached Crimson Tide won the game and a National Championship.
  3. Georgia vs Clemson – These two are only 58.6 miles from each other and have met 64 times through the years. UGA has a 42-18-4 edge. But, this is the first meeting between the two teams in Charlotte. Does that give the ACC school an edge here?
  4. Auburn at Penn State – The Tigers are heading to Happy Valley for the first campus meeting between these two schools. The last time they played each other was in the 2003 Citrus Bowl when Joe Paterno and Tommy Tuberville were on the sidelines. Things sure have changed since then.
  5. Texas at Arkansas – On a blustery, cold November day in 1894, these two future – now former – Southwest Conference foes met in Austin for the very first time. Seventy-seven games later they meet again. Anyone remember the Game of the Century in Fayetteville back in 1969? Could this matchup be the Game of the New Century? Only time will tell.
  6. Vanderbilt at Stanford – Welcome to the inaugural Richie Rich Bowl. First meeting on the football field between the two robber baron funded private schools. You looking for tickets to this game? You probably can’t afford them. 🙂
  7. Missouri at Boston College – First meeting between these schools and another SEC vs ACC barn burner. You don’t get much more American than when Tigers and Eagles play football against each other.
  8. Pittsburgh at Tennessee – Our first impression is Steelers and Titans. But, no! It’s not the pros, thank you very much. Pitt and UT have played twice – both games were back in the 80s. The first meeting? Wacky Jackie versus the best player to have ever donned a Montreal Alouettes uniform.
  9. Texas A&M at Colorado – The Ags against the Buffs. Do you remember when these two schools belonged to the same conference? The last time they met was in 2009, when both were still happy members of the Big 12. CU scored a touchdown in the final two minutes to win by a point. Does that motivate you, Aggies?
  10. Tulane at Ole Miss – The Green Wave is the Rebs oldest rivalry. Ole Miss and Tulane have played 71 times with Ole Miss holding a 41 win to 28 loss edge. They first met in NOLA in 1893. In 1975, these two played the first college football game in the Superdome. We love trips to New Orleans. Let’s get Tulane back in the Southeastern Conference!

There you have it. We hope you enjoyed the ten most intriguing SEC football games on the 2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule. September can’t come soon enough. Stay safe out there and may God Bless America!